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Casper Channel 3 is the go-to place for all the exciting happenings in your hometown of Casper, Wyoming. We now have more television productions than ever before and are excited to announce them to you. We’ve loaded Casper Channel 3 up with the kinds of quality content you’re looking for! We are proud to provide you with a number of interesting series, such as Explore, NASA 360 and Hot & Cold. Be sure to check out other popular offerings: Dishin’, Preservation: Casper and Culture Corner. Casper Channel 3 is your source for quality movies and our very special Classic Arts Showcase.

Casper Channel 3 hosts regular City Council meetings to keep our community informed. Our original and acquired programming is highlighted by the foundation of the Classic Arts Showcase, also known as CAS. CAS brings you the best of the arts and culture; opera, dance, theater, and even the knowledge/ how to’s and much more. A special thanks goes out to loan mart for the donation to do just this. Check out there riverside car title loan page Look for classic programming, such as documentaries, movies, and iconic episodes of our original programming.

Casper Channel 3 Has Recently Acquired the Following New Series

Casper Channel 3 Is Your Best Resource

We have a lot of great programming for you to discover all the news of the city of Casper. CC3 is the place to watch all of the Casper City Council meetings as well as our other top programs including:

Classic Arts Showcase

An all – encompassing show that is the foundation of our programming. We highlight beautiful displays of ballet, music, opera, and other fine arts to enrich your cultural experience.

Wyoming Portraits

An award-winning weekly PBS series that explores and exhibits interesting people, locations, and other things across the entire beautiful state of Wyoming.

Wolf Gang Presents

A film library featuring award-winning independent films and informative documentaries like The Devil Among Us, Living Nightmare and Stagebunny.

Casper Channel 3 Original Programming

We even produce original television programs that can only be found on CC3.

  • Cruisin’ With J.C. Kirk
  • Officer Daley
  • The Electrical Inspector
  • Dishin’ (with Pat Pulitzer)
  • Firefighters

Channel Number Update

We are now broadcasting on channel 192 through Charter Communications. So, please tune in on channel 192 for all of our great programming options!

What’s Going on with Casper Channel 3

Casper Channel 3 is proud to spotlight community events, such as local concerts and cultural festivals. We provide a resource for a behind the scenes look at our beautiful city and what goes into making it run. We provide platforms for education, community involvement and a bulletin board, so you don’t miss out on what is happening in your town of Casper, WY.

Look out for new programming to pique your interest and feed your creative side. Become inspired by your community, as we highlight the amazing things our residents and leaders are up to. Build a stronger love for Casper through exploring the arts and events that define us. Check in often for updates, and as always, please reach out if you have an idea that your community will love!